Wednesday, September 2, 2009

" I Love You Beth Cooper "

This movie is about a nerdy high school valedictorian Dennis Cooverman who confesses his love for the popular cheerleader Beth Cooper during his graduation speech. Life takes a 360 degree turn when he bad mouths all the bullies and stuck up people during the speech as well. Which includes Beth's marine meathead boyfriend. I wont tell you too much in case you might not have watched it.

The movie might not appeal to everyone but I found it to be pretty enjoyable. Its one of those movies where your laughing your head off but when you turn to look at the person beside you, their just dumbfounded. If the movie appeals to you then you would definitely like it. The characters are very predictable bu there were many funny moments as well. Paul Rust did a great job in his portrayal of the nerdy high school guy who struggles in school but wants to prove himself worthy of the hot cheerleader. All in all, I give this movie a....


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