Sunday, March 15, 2009

" 5 Seconds" of pure Chivas

It's Fin's birthday poolside barbecue party and we are so freakin busy getting things ready. The day before the party we contemplated going to Barcelona again! I said no no no! But they said yes yes yes! So I oso yes lar! I seriously gotta learn to say no to my besties... Seriously. Anywayz, we went because Ira made arrangements with Fin's course mate to go. I was feeling so sleepy and ended up sleeping in the taxi. When we reached we met up with D'lah and it wasn't right away I can tell you that. We went in and had a table waiting for us as usual. Haha. I never knew that D'lah was so nice. Fin got drunk like he always does and was puking all over. He fell so many times I lost track. Lucky our strong man Teddy.B was there to carry him and D'lah sent us back. So sweet kan? When we reached home Teddy.B started puking also in front of the guard house. Hahaha. It was so hilarious. O yea, and Ira was talking rubbish the whole time in the car. These Sabahan people. Ish ish.... But little did I know what I would be going through two days from now.

Next day, the three of us went to Tesco to buy stuff for the party. And the bill wasn't that cheap! We had sushi after the crazy shopping spree. Me and Fin makan nicely while Ira was like looking for dishes that had no seafood, was not raw and that looked edible. Haha. Good luck! I was so tired of calling for the freakin cab. When he finally came, we stuffed everything in the booth. The taxi man was kindda rude and irritating. I wanted to slap him! We reached home, carried all the stuff up and gave Teddy.B his McD he requested for. Then, Liana came after the concert in Limkokwing. I merinated everything and we wanted to go for a midnight movie but tak jadi because we would be too tired the next day.

The day of the Barbecue. Got up around three something in the evening. Hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch. The three of us were just sitting and chatting happily. Not even bothered that we didn't even buy the charcoal for the fire. Its already 5 something. Now only do we move our lazy butts. I went to take a bath and then went and cut the vegetables to make the salad. Now, one by one the calls start coming. Fin has to put the phone to my ears because my hands were kindda wet and stuff. Thri comes just in time to help with the cutting and stuff. Didn't wanna let her do work since she was our "guest" but she insisted so I said " Ok la". O yea... And we still had not got the charcoal yet. It was already around 8pm and the guests were arriving. My whole family came and luckily my uncle Prabu came because we finnaly went and bought the charcoal and collected the cake that Fin didn't know about. By the time we came back it was nearly 9pm and we rushed to the poolside to start the fire. Everyone was hungry especially me. After all the effort we put into starting the fire, guess what happens?

It freakin RAINS!!

There is no shelter for the stupid barbeque and still, Prabu doesn't wanna give up. He says " I won't give up". The words of such determination. Haha. I had to stand there with the umbrella, trying to keep him from getting wet. While, he was holding Fin's umbrella to protect the precious fire of his. Eventually, we gave up and went upstairs. All the stuff was still downstairs so we had to carry them up again. When we were home, Ira and my mama were busy frying all the stuff. I was so hungry I felt sick smelling the food. Everyone was sitting in the hall talking and stuff. I joined them a little while after. Later, I sneaked downstairs to the car to get the cake out. I left the cake outside the door and called Ira. She came and we lit the candles. I switched off all the lights and we sang happy birthday. Fin actually thought that the electricity went off but he was so touched. Me and Ira rock! Woohoo.... Soon after, my family went home and that's when I started drinking. Haizzz... I really regret the " 5 Seconds" of pure Chivas down my throat. That's when I did and said so many stupid things (I'm gonna leave out that part in this post). I got up the next day not remembering a thing I did and I had the worst gastric pains ever! I was puking non stop. I couldn't take the pain and thank god my mama was in KL. They came as soon as they could. Ira made me porridge( Love her to bits la) And it was damn nice summore. I usually wont eat at all but I tried to eat a bit. Took me sometime before I could get myself to get up and go to the clinic. On the way there, I started to feel so much better. I started singing in the car all. Haha. When we reached, I asked my sister to get me a slurppy from 7/11. It was the best slurppy I ever had! It was just so perfect. I finally got to see the doctor and she started advising me about drinking and stuff. She said I was too thin. Haha. I didn't wanna get a jab on my butt so I got prescribed some medication. And I went home.

The End.....