Monday, October 20, 2008

The gift of love. My mama.

In just a blink of an eye she sees her children growing up and time is against her. Her only son is leaving for University barely noticing the remorse in her eyes as she watches him go. She has to let him go. Let him spread his wings and leave the nest. He is sad to leave but at least has something to look forward to. A new life. Freedom. Friends. What does she have to look forward to but a phone call from her only son. The first few days are hard for him but he soon adjusts and finds friends whom he will cherish for life. He is swamped with work,partying, sleeping. The calls become less frequent but he still thinks of her. Always. She is a working woman. Always busy with keeping everybody happy and helping others. Not even once stopping to do something for herself. It is from her heart that he has learned the meaning of love. The meaning of passion. The meaning of perseverance. She awaits for that one call that would brighten her day. An everlasting bliss. How much she would want to hear his voice even if it was just to ask her for money to buy a branded new outfit. Even though there is no money to give. She will find a way. She always does. To know that her only son is happy and safe is all she needs. His eyes are blinded by so many temptations. So many distractions. He is but blind to the very essence of this lady who has sacrificed her whole life for him. All he thinks about is himself. ME ME ME. What has he ever done to make her proud? What has he ever done? Nothing. But a new dawn has set and....

He has changed. He is renewed. His eyes are finally open . So much hurt he has sometimes befallen her but not anymore. He will try to become a better son. A better brother. He has been away long enough to know. Just know. He will forever be great full. Nothing will come in between the love of a mother and her son. The most wonderful gift of love he has been given from God is his mother. My mama.

" You had to leave to spread your wings. I didn't want to let you go but I knew it was about doing what was right for you. There is a vacuum in my heart that I fill up when I see you. I will always love you my son" my mother sent me this message on my phone yesterday morning.


Rara Rasmadin said...

This is bloody sweet..fcuk u gay!haha..but truly, thats sweet of u..

princeshetaki said...

kesyen!!! miss u lor.. haha